What exactly do you do for a living? Do you build things? If you do, the next answer you have to ask is if your job can be automated in 5-10 years. If the answer is yes, you need to start thinking about your next career.

Remember grocery checkout clerks?

Remember video rental stores?

Remember pilots that actually flew the majority of time in air?

Remember auto workers that fit car parts together?

We now live in a world where anything that can be automated, will be automated. 

The consumer automotive industry is about to go through the most transformative change since the invention of the automobile. In 5-10 years, we will no longer need a human to drive a car. Think about that. Cab drivers, truck drivers, bus drivers? Gone. 

Tesla, Google, Uber, and almost every other major car company is investing heavily to ensure humans won't drive any more. And you know what? It will be safer. No more regulation on texting and driving. No more drunk driving.

Cars and transportation are probably the lowest hanging fruit. The march of progress will continue throughout other industries. Delivery and fulfillment services are already starting to replace humans with robots. The list goes on.

So what does this have to do with steel and software? Steel is what powered the industrial revolution. Everything from sky scrapers to kitchen appliances.

Software is what is powering this next revolution. Without software, none of the services I mentioned above will be transformed. Think of the smartphone you had in the late 90s vs the smartphone you have today? The primary differentiator is the combination of software and hardware.

Think about it another way, businesses are hiring software developers at an alarming rate to find new ways to automate their business. This will have a significant impact on non-skilled labor. Who is cheaper, a machine that doesn't have a family to support, no HR issues, no insurance, no 401k; or a human?

So, you can blame immigrants for losing your job, but if they took it, it's because they're smarter than you. They got their education in another country, were brought to the US via an H-1B and were asked by big business to find a way to replace you because they knew how to develop software you didn't.

Want to fight back? Get some education and learn how to build the next decade, not the last.


Four years ago today, the love of my life and I got hitched in a beautiful ceremony in Mexico. If you knew us before that moment, you probably wouldn't have thought either of us would find that perfect person. Yet, we found each other in the most simple and perfect way possible. At least, for us it was perfect.

In hindsight, we belonged together. In fact, #webelongtogether is the mantra we tell each other when tensions are high or we miss each other greatly.

One kid, two pugs, three houses, and four jobs later, we're still going strong. We find new ways to annoy and adore each other every day, and I wouldn't change a single thing.

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February, 3 2017


I'm changing things up a bit here. Yes, all the old posts are gone. Stay tuned on that front.


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